Performing Otherness: a Postcolonial Approach to Francoist Spain

Edimburgo, 26 October 2018

This international symposium opens up discussion of Spanish art and culture in relation to the construction of discourses of coloniality in 20th-century Spain, especially in the Francoist period. It attempts to identify methodological approaches that would allow us to understand the consolidation of hegemonic colonial discourses and how they continue in Spain today. This examination involves an analysis of constructs of Otherness in two directions – inwards and outwards. On the one hand, how did artists, performers, writers, or other cultural brokers, based in Spain, exoticise other cultures as well as their own culture as part of official rhetoric (e.g. state-funded exhibitions relating to colonial territories in Africa; translations of Chinese texts/images, state administration of rural Spain). On the other hand, the analysis is concerned with Spanish (self-)representation as Other within international contexts (eg. Picasso in African attire; flamenco in imagery for tourism/political campaigns; Hispanic Studies as a political contestation to the dictatorship).

Concept and organisation: María Iñigo Clavo (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
The symposium is part of the Research Group “Experiences of the Political in Francoist Spain” (MINECO). It has been initiated and coordinated by María Iñigo Clavo in association with the School of History of Art, University of Edinburgh.

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